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Our Pricing, Payment Plans and Options

We don’t charge a retail mark-up. Retailers buy at wholesale (the same wholesale price as we do). Then they add an unknown retail mark-up – that’s how they make their money.

We charge a membership fee and you can buy as much of everything you want at wholesale+ pricing for as long as you are a Cherrytree member. And, the membership fee covers you and your family. If for example, you’re spending $20,000 on a renovation, we can help save you around $6,500! And the bigger the budget then the bigger the savings!

We do offer the opportunity for a 14-day risk-free trial 

Pay as little as $16.20 per week over 2 years and instantly get access to everything at a wholesale+ price.

Membership fees drop to $4.70 per week after 1 or 2 years depending on the Payment Plan you choose below.

Cherrytree has attracted many thousands of members over the last 22+ years since we started. It is the membership fees that allow us to offer hundreds of thousands of quality, brand name products at the best prices every day. Also, the membership fees are fixed for your lifetime – they will never go up.

Payment Plans

Weekly over 2 years $16.20 Drops to $4.70 per week after 2 years
Weekly over 1 year $25.75 Drops to $4.70 per week after 1 year
Over 4 months
Best Value Plan
$315.00 Drops to $4.70 per week after 1 year

Payment Options

Pay by Visa, Mastercard, Gem Visa, Q Card, Bartercard & Direct Debit

All prices include GST

Contact Us

If you prefer to pay in a different way, we also have lump sum options available. Please call (0800 243 779) or email us and we can discuss what will suit you.