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We supply everything you need for your renovation at wholesale+ — and that will reduce your renovation cost by around 35%.

Renovate your kitchen, bathroom, living spaces, bedrooms and outdoor areas with our quality products and ranges.  These are sourced from the best manufacturers worldwide, as well as quality products produced locally in New Zealand.  From kitchen cabinets and benches, flooring, appliances, tiles, bathroom furniture and fixtures, decorating and so much more.

We also offer design services and access to our group of trusted trades.  We provide comprehensive quotes, source products from our multiple suppliers and help with project co-ordination.

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Susan Stevenson, joined in 2014

We’ve been around since 1996 and thousands of everyday Kiwis have joined us since we opened.

Cherrytree is the only place in New Zealand where you can buy just about whatever you want at wholesale+ all the time. We offer quality brands — everything you need for your lifestyle, home and everyday living all at wholesale+.