Gas Fire or Heat Pump?

As the temperatures drop, our heaters begin to get a dusting from their summer break. But what heat is the best?

Cherrytree members are often tossing up between the two modern heat sources; heat pumps and gas fires. While they are both convenient, efficient sources of heat, there are a few considerations you need to make when deciding what is best for you and your home.

Gas Fire

A gas fire can be a show stopper in your living area, really making a luxurious statement. Gas fires are extremely easy to control and are efficient in heating larger areas. The offerings from Rinnai and Escea are truly stunning and will add phenomenal value to your home.

The upfront cost of a gas fire will often exceed that of other heating options, with most options sitting in the vicinity of $5,000 or more. It is also worth considering that when connecting to gas, there is a flat rate to pay for the connection. However, if you already use gas in other parts of your home then a gas heater can be an efficient addition.

We supply the New Zealand designed and made Rinnai and Escea fires at wholesale+ pricing. Generally, there are savings of 20% off RRP to be made on gas fires at Cherrytree.

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Heat Pump

The ever popular heat pump has developed in leaps and bounds since their early adoption in kiwi homes. A heat pump ticks many essential boxes of good heating; efficient, convenient and all with a low operating cost.

When compared with a gas heater, a heat pump will generally look to fade into the background rather than be a statement piece in their living area. However, the initial cost of a heat pump will be over half as much as that of a gas fire. Most of the heat pumps available through Cherrytree sitting between $1,500- and $2,000-member pricing.

We supply Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu (Wellington only) at wholesale+ pricing, saving Cherrytree members up to 50% off RRP.

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Which Heat is Best?

Both of these options are fantastic and come with their own merits. This means it really comes down to your needs and wants from a heat source.

A gas fire will give you the ultimate statement piece of luxury and also provide an excellent source of heat. If you already have gas connected then a gas fire can be a no brainer!

However, if cost and efficiency runs at the forefront for you and your home, a heat pump will deliver in lots of areas! The technology means that you can effectively heat your home while the unit fades into the background.

Our Member Services team are here to help if you have any queries about the gas fires or heat pumps available through Cherrytree.

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