Everything, Even the Kitchen Sink!

Getting a new kitchen? It’s worth remembering that you will use your kitchen sink at least six or seven times a day, and your hob once or twice. They’re not often given that much thought – but they’re definitely worth the investment. So what are your options?

Top, Flush or Under Mount?

There are three key choices into how to position your sink in relation to your benchtop. Traditionally, top mount; where the lip of the sink sits on top of the bench, has been the most popular. Little effort is needed to fit a top mount sink as it will just slot in, which makes a top mount option more cost effective than flush or under mount.

Flush mount is the least common option as it can be incredibly hard to pull off and so the price often matches this. This is when the sink sits flush with the top of the benchtop. It is common for flush mounted sinks to be made of the same material as the benchtop to give a seamless look

Undermount sinks are growing in popularity and are very on trend! This is where the sink is sealed underneath the benchtop, having the sink bordered by the benchtop. Due to the growing popularity, the range of undermount sinks in the market are growing which means more choice for you!

Stainless Steel versus Granite

Stainless Steel has been the king of the sink for a long time now and still reigns supreme! The durable sink can pair well with stainless steel appliances, tapware and handles, adding to a cohesive design.

However, there is a new kid on the block in the form of granite sinks. Often made from 80% granite and 20% acrylic resin, the granite sinks offer you scratch, stain and heat resistance for that extra piece of mind. Also, these sinks really will give a WOW factor in your new kitchen with matt black granite sinks being the hottest sink around!


With so many options available, here are a few suppliers you can take a look at to narrow down your options;

Mercer – https://www.acero.co.nz/

Ikon – https://ikoncommercial.co.nz/

Burns & Farrell – http://www.burnsferrall.co.nz/

Blanco – http://www.blanco.co.nz/

Plumbline – https://www.plumbline.co.nz/

All of these are fantastic Cherrytree suppliers and can be purchased at wholesale+ pricing by Cherrytree Members.